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Betreff:Re: CHamoru request
Datum:Mon, 17 Oct 2022 03:10:34 +0000
Von:MS. FRANCINE M.S.N. NAPUTI <naputif@triton.uog.edu>
An:Sebastian Becker <mail.sebastian.becker@gmail.com>
Kopie (CC):kumisionchamoru@gmail.com <kumisionchamoru@gmail.com>


Håfa adai and Guten Tag Herr Becker, 
Thank you so much for your interest. I am no longer with the Kumision i Fino‘ CHamoru. However, I did cc their official email in this message and I did attempt to answer some of the questions that you included. 
  • Could you please send me the logo of the CHamoru Language Commission, a picture of the building the commission is based in and a map showing the geographic distribution of the CHamoru dialects?
  • Do you use the same CHamoru alphabet on Guam as do your neighbors in the CNMI?
      Yes, CNMI and Guåhan use the same alphabet, which consists of 24 
           letters (inclusive of the glotta which appears as a ‚) total. There are 
          6 vowels and 18 consonants. 
  • Were the Chamorro Language Commission in 1964 and the Chamorro Division of Language and Culture/Department of Chamorro Affairs in 1999 the predecessor institutions of the Commission on Chamoru Language and the Teaching of the History and Culture of the Indigenous People of Guam?
      Yes, after a 20-year hiatus the current CHamoru Language Commission 
      was reinstated with a bill authored by former Speaker Judith Won 
      Pat. However, there are now two entities the Kumision itself as well 
      as the Department of Chamorro Affairs (which by law their 
      President) must be a board member of the Kumision. 
  • Is „CHamoru“ the official spellling now? And/or are „Chamoru“ and „Chamorro“ also accepted? 
      In the same law mentioned above, CHamoru became the official 
  • Does any law exist that orderes a CHamoru term or translation for any institution name? If so is it to be written in first order (and then the English name)?
  • Are there any different CHamoru dialects on Guam? If so what is the standard dialect?
  • Do you collaborate with the CNMI’s Chamorro Carolinian Language Policy Commission/Department of Community and Cultural Affairs?
      Yes, the Kumision collaborates regularly with CNMI’s commission. At 
      the very least, they have an annual meeting where the board       members discuss matter together. Prior to COVID, members of the       Kumision would fly over to CNMI for these meetings. 
You can also take a look at their website https://kumisionchamoru.guam.gov. Danke! 
Si Yu’os ma’åse‘, 
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Assistant Professor of Health Sciences and CHamoru Studies


School of Health 
   303 University Drive
   UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96913 



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