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Betreff: Re: Norf’k Language Commission request
Datum: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 08:49:52 +1100
Von: Loiuse Tavener <gonorfolkisland@gmail.com>
An: Sebastian Becker <mail.sebastian.becker@gmail.com>, Rhonda <rhonda@norfolk.nf>


Hi Sebastian,

The Norf’k Language Commission is newly formed and was set up the the Council of Elders to assist in the revitalization of the Norf’k language. The activities of the Norfk Language Commission coincide with the announcement by the UN General Assembly that 2022-2032 is the ‚International Decade of Indigenous Languages‘.

As yet there is no Norfk equivalent name – we are currently working on what will become the official endorsed spelling of the Norfk language culminating in the production of a dictionary.

The Norf’k Language Commission does not have a webite or social media channels at this stage.

The Norf’k Language Commission does not have its own logo – all media releases & updates go through the Council of Elders currently.

All meetings are held at my home – we do not have a dedicated building.

The Norf’k Language Commission is a sub-committee of the Council of Elders, not an independent body.

Once the dictionary is complete it will be released by the Council of Elders to NIRC. There is no collaboration with NIRC.

The term of the Norf’k Language Commission is 2 years ending 8 June 2024. We are aiming to have the dictionary produced by that time or earlier if we are able to.

The media release will be in this weekends paper and Norfolk Online.

If you have any further queries please get back to me.


Best Regards


A. Louise Tavener
The Norf’k Language Commission chair
Phone + 6723 50777